Pro gram

All children in our care should be able and allowed to develop into strong, curious and independent personalities in a safe environment.

1st Steps – Our youngest ones

The smallest and cutest children at Urban Kids Academy are between 2 to 24 months old. Incredible milestones await at this stage of our developmental journey. From Old MacDonald songs to our hand puppets during morning circle time, learning is a joy!

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Our youngest Urban Kids Academy children are known as “Busy Bees”. Here we focus on providing a loving environment where each child feels loved, cared for and supported. After starting the day with a healthy breakfast our little ones can’t wait to explore their playroom, climb the climbing tower and play and laugh with their friends. The morning is spent singing nursery rhymes, painting, singing and dancing. The puppets come out to play with our curious children.

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Urban Kids Academy educators talk to and listen to each child, observe their non-verbal cues and engage them in stimulating learning activities. Our children have a day full of happy, exciting and varied experiences and can’t wait to tell their parents about their adventures, in their own way.

2nd Steps

At two years old, the toddlers in our group room are exploring like a rocket. Sensory activities make up a large part of our daily learning. At this age we encourage independence and the child's joy of discovery, realising that the world out there is huge!

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At Urban Kids Academy we begin by creating a loving, nurturing environment to support the development of our now very mobile and active toddlers. The educational approach is hands-on, playful and more importantly, structured and consistent.

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The design of our weekly schedules is carefully focused on motivating our toddlers and giving them enough opportunities to explore and play. We integrate our extensive curriculum, such as the first yoga class, cooking and baking, and more, in a fun and playful way. We start identifying the first letters by grasping, learning and discovering them in a variety of ways. The first mathematical skills are taught through practical exercises. We go on a journey of discovery and take exciting field trips around our city.

Our supervision ratio of few children and teachers complements the quality learning. The result is bright, curious, inquisitive little people who develop a real love of learning! Did we mention that “potty training” is a significant milestone reached between 24 and 36 months. Hip Hip Hooray!

3rd Steps

A world of monsters and fairies awaits us as we enter the first step of kindergarten. There is a lot of play in this age group, from fearless Batman to a newfound fear of the dark. Toilet training is now behind us for the most part and we focus on challenging content such as geography, writing and gardening!

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Our newly turned three-year-olds are entering the magical, fantastical world. Is there a monster under my bed? Definitely! Can superheroes defeat and fight bad guys? Yes and yes again! This is an exciting time in a child’s life when they develop a greater sense of their own identity and begin to distinguish fantasy from reality. At Urban Kids Academy, we nurture a child’s creative imagination while building a strong, healthy educational foundation.

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STEM, yoga, gardening, cooking and Spanish become possible now that we have mastered toillettes! Our children learn about the world they live in, about the continents of the earth and impress us with the fact that they can write and recognise their own names! With a lot of love, support and encouragement, the Urban Kids Academy offers its children a comprehensive educational experience that sometimes leaves adults in awe when the children tell us about their fantastic discoveries.

4th Steps

"I am so clever! Look what I can do all by myself! Did you know that planets can merge to form Jupiter?" This is what we talk about at age four. Great concepts are now implemented with a higher level of focus, critical thinking skills and deeper engagement.

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Reading and writing, the world of words really impresses our children. Four year olds at Urban Kids Academy are full of questions and want to discover and learn more of the world around them.

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Our daily routine is still very playful and creative, but the caregivers now expect a little more from our children. Our children now already have more self-control and can focus on maths, technology, science and other great activities that enrich our learning. STEM Fridays broaden our children’s experiences as they have the opportunity to explore complex topics such as keyboarding, technical devices, nature and science experiments.

5th Steps

Englisch Lehrer


Our Urban Kids preschoolers are now getting more focused preparation for their next big journey. When our children enter first grade, we receive nothing but the best feedback from their parents and teachers. Our graduates not only excel academically, but also become great people in their community and help shape the world with a positive attitude, respect and love.

…Don’t Underestimate The Early Years!



Just like the primary school, our preschool starts in September. This is when our Urban Kids Academy preschoolers get to know school-like structures in a familiar environment, so that the transition from preschool to school is not a problem.

The programme of our preschool children:

  • pre-school lessons twice a week
  • fixed curriculum for pre-school
  • special excursions throughout the year
  • event with parents: making school cones
  • sleepover in the kindergarten
  • an English-language play is rehearsed and performed
  • graduation party
  • and much more

Welcome to the Urban Kids Academy

Our passion is to create places for children with wholehearted dedication, where your children, you loving parents, and we as employees feel comfortable, learn through play, and have great joy.