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Frequently asked questions in our nursery and kindergarten

Welcome to the Urban Kids Academy FAQ page! We look forward to helping you find your way around our nursery and kindergarten and answering important questions quickly and easily. Whether it's about our educational approaches, enrolling your child or other concerns, here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions to pave the way to a happy and successful nursery and kindergarten time for your child!


At what age can my child attend Urban Kids Academy?

Typically, we accept children aged 0 to 6 years.


How can I enroll my child in the bilingual kindergarten?

You can find the registration form for the nursery and kindergarten on our website. We are also happy to show interested parents our kindergarten personally during a house tour. Online tours are also available.


What is the process from our initial inquiry, through registration, to our child's admission to the daycare and kindergarten?

1. The initial contact is made through our managing director, Tahmina Rothgangel. She will receive your inquiry and check the availability of spots in our daycare and kindergarten. Tahmina can be reached at tr@urbankidsacademy.de and via mobile at +49 179 6954495

2. Subsequently, we warmly invite you to a house tour at one of our daycare and kindergarten centers. During the tour, you will be welcomed by our house leader who will introduce you to the facilities and the educational concept of Urban Kids Academy.

3. After the house tour, you can download the registration form from our website. This form is used to enroll your child and pay the registration fee to secure your spot in the daycare and/or kindergarten https://urbankidsacademy.de/en/locations/

4. At the same time, we will arrange the expected start of daycare or kindergarten for your child. This allows you to plan ahead and prepare for the start at Urban Kids Academy.

5. At least 2 weeks before the first day of orientation, our house leader will contact you to schedule an initial meeting. In this meeting, all relevant information will be shared that you and your child need for a successful start. Details such as what you should bring for your child, who is authorized to pick them up, and what to do in case of allergies or illness will be discussed.

6. After the initial meeting, nothing stands in the way of a successful start at Urban Kids Academy! We look forward to welcoming your child to our daycare and accompanying them on their educational journey.


What are the opening hours and how long is a day at our bilingual daycare and kindergarten?

We kindly ask you to bring your children by 9:30 am and not pick them up before 2:30 pm to allow for the best possible daily routine and give your child the opportunity to participate. Our childcare hours are a maximum of 9 hours per day, and we are open from 7:30 am to 6 pm (until 5:30 pm on Fridays).


Do you offer part-time spots for the nursery and kindergarten?

In our nurseries, we offer optional 2, 3, or 5 days of care per week. Our kindergarten spots are uniformly based on 5 days.


How does communication work in your daycare and kindergarten, and how can I reach you?

We use the "Kidling" app for communication between parents, facility management, and teachers.

- With Kidling, you can easily get in touch with the facility management and teachers, send messages, ask questions, and exchange information.

- The app allows for sharing photos and videos from the daycare and kindergarten routine, so you can always be part of your child's experiences.

- Additionally, you will regularly receive information such as the weekly schedule, event invitations, and other news about the daycare via the app and email.

- The use of Kidling and regular email updates are part of our commitment to transparent and effective communication.

- You will receive the link to download the app when your child starts at Urban Kids Academy. If you have any questions about using Kidling or the email updates, we are happy to assist you.

- Through the Kidling app, you can also notify us of your child's absence. You can also use the Kidling app to sign out your child in case of illness or holiday.


How can I enroll my child in daycare and kindergarten?

The registration form for daycare and kindergarten can be found on our website urbankidsacademy.de/en/. We are happy to personally show interested parents around our daycare and kindergarten. Online tours are also possible.


What is the cost of a spot at your facility?

You can find our clearly laid out price list on our website.


How does the settling-in phase work at your daycare?

We follow the Berliner settling-in model. This model involves the child gradually getting accustomed to the new environment with the presence of a parent. In the initial days, the parent accompanies the child intensively and stays in the daycare or the kindergarten for a short period of time. Over time, the parent's presence is reduced to allow the child to form bonds with the teachers and other children. The duration of the settling-in phase can vary individually based on the child's needs.


Do you offer any special activities or programs to promote playful learning for the children?

Yes, we structure our shared time during the week with a weekly plan. In addition to our regular Urban Kids Academy activities such as yoga, music, learning sessions, outings, and pre-school classes, we also offer swimming courses from the age of 5 years old at an external location, ballet, cross-fit, and piano lessons on site for pre-registered children. These activities are led by experienced external teachers. However, we also place great importance on creative projects, music and movement activities, as well as regular free play, garden time and trip outings.


How does bilingual learning work?

Our trained professionals speak either English or German with the children. We follow the principles of the immersion method, where children are best immersed in a second language. The teachers communicate exclusively in the target language with the children, encouraging them to learn and apply the language in a playful manner.


What other services do you offer within the kindergarten?

Approximately every 6 weeks, a professional hairdresser visits the kindergarten and lovingly cuts the hair of pre-registered children.


Do you also provide care for children under 3 years old?

Yes, we also operate daycare centers where we care for children aged 0-3 years.


How does the care in the daycare center differ from that in the kindergarten?

In the daycare center, the focus is on loving care, nurturing, and promoting the motor and language skills of younger children aged 0-3 years. While in the kindergarten, more academic content and social skills are taught in a playful manner for children aged 3-6 years.


What is your educational concept?

Our pedagogy focuses on individually tailored care and offerings, structure, routine, and academic content without following a specific pedagogical approach. We firmly believe that joy, play, and love are the most important ingredients for successful learning.


How do you create a pleasant atmosphere for children, parents, and staff?

Our passion is to create a place where children, parents, and staff feel comfortable. We place great importance on a loving and supportive environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued.


Can we as parents actively participate in the daycare and kindergarten life?

We highly encourage parents to actively participate in the daycare and kindergarten life. This can be done through attending parent evenings, participating in events such as our special Summer party, lantern walk, Christmas bakery and our movie night. We value the trusting and open collaboration with our parents and their support.


How are children supported in their individual development and what method do you use for this?

We place great emphasis on promoting the individual development of each child. Our educational professionals observe and support children in their individual strengths and interests to enable optimal development. Using the so-called "developmental snail," we continuously monitor the progress of your children and discuss it with you once a year during a development conversation. This conversation takes place around your child's birthday.


How does the transition from kindergarten to school work?

At the beginning of the kindergarten year, we organize an information event for all parents with preschool-aged children. With a registered residential address, you and your child will automatically be invited by the health department for a preschool examination, which takes place at the age of 5. Additionally, we have a cooperation with the primary school "im sonnigen Winkel" and can provide you with further information on this.


What celebrations are held at your daycare and kindergarten?

At Urban Kids Academy, we celebrate a range of festivals that provide structure to the year and give your children a sense of security. We mainly focus on Christian annual festivals without highlighting their denominational background. This means that, for example, we do not specifically celebrate St. Nicholas Day in its Christian context, but rather adapt it to be child-friendly and inclusive of all religions. Additionally, we organize special events such as a Wasen party for the children, Halloween, a Christmas celebration, and a large summer party that the whole family can participate in. You will receive a detailed list of our celebrations upon registering your child.


Are special dietary needs considered at Urban Kids Academy?

Yes, at our daycare and kindergarten, we can accommodate various dietary needs. Both our kitchen and caterer offer a variety of options for common dietary habits, allergies, and intolerances. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements when registering your child so that we can make appropriate arrangements.


Are parent evenings organized at the Urban Kids Academy?

After the summer holidays, in September, a parent evening takes place. During this event, parents have the opportunity to get to know our team and discuss the procedures for the upcoming kindergarten year. Additionally, the parent council is elected during the parent evening, and we provide information about our rules and the pedagogical approach.


How are rules and consequences handled at the Urban Kids Academy?

At the Urban Kids Academy, we place great importance on respecting each child's individuality. Therefore, we do not punish children. Conflicts and minor disputes are resolved through open communication between teachers and children. During our parent evening in September, we provide detailed information about our rules and the pedagogical approach to consequences.


On which days do the outings take place at the Urban Kids Academy?

Outings at the Urban Kids Academy usually take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. On the weekly plans and email, it states when each class has their weekly trip and where it takes place. On these days, we organize exciting excursions for the children, allowing them to discover new places and have interesting experiences. For example, we visit extraordinary playgrounds, go to museums, or do shopping at the market hall. These regular outings enrich the kindergarten routine and provide children with a varied and exciting experience.


From what age can my child attend kindergarten?

Typically, children can attend kindergarten from the age of 3. However, there are exceptions depending on the availability of spaces and the child's individual development. Sometimes, children under 3 years old may be admitted to kindergarten if suitable places are available and if the child is ready for the next developmental step.


Do you have guidelines for dealing with sick children at the Urban Kids Academy?

The Urban Kids Academy has detailed guidelines for handling sick children, which are provided during the initial consultation. These guidelines aim to protect the health and well-being of all children and teachers


How many professionals work in our groups?

In our Urban Kids Academy team, there are at least 3 professionals per group. Additionally, our students, trainees, and volunteers lovingly and reliably take care of the children.


What sets Urban Kids Academy apart from a regular kindergarten?

In our spacious and well-equipped nurseries and kindergartens, we speak both German and English with the children. Our enhanced staff-to-child ratio promotes individual development during early childhood and guarantees reliable and extended opening hours from 07:30 am to 6:00 pm (Fridays until 5:30pm). In addition to our extensive learning and play offerings, we provide a wide range of extra activities such as Cross-Fit, ballet, swimming lessons, and piano lessons.


Does my child nap at the Urban Kids Academy?

For our older children, we have set up a "quiet time" at lunchtime, during which the children can relax with quiet activities such as reading a book. The younger children usually sleep in one of the inviting and comfortable sleeping rooms and are well supervised by prior arrangement.


When are the nursery & kindergarten excursion days?

Our excursion days for Kindergarten are Thursday and Friday and for nursery it is on Tuesdays. You can find out about the exciting and child-orientated trips in our weekly schedule that is sent out via email at the end of each week to parents.


Who prepares the food at UKA?

We prepare our varied breakfast and healthy snacks ourselves in our kitchen. The wholesome lunch is delivered to us by a catering service specialized in child-friendly nutrition. There are 2 meat-based dishes per week, 1 fish-based dish, and 2 vegetarian meals. We do not offer any nut-based food or snacks. Industrial sugar is only used exceptionally for birthday cakes or for special events.