Philo sophy

We are dedicated to creating a caring learning environment for children, educators, and external educational partners.

My second home

We are a team of caring educators who have their hearts in the right place and believe in the importance of early childhood education.

We look forward to welcoming every child to Urban Kids Academy with joy and commitment.

We look back on years of experience that helps us to develop a concept of learning today that is tailored to our children, their families and our wonderful team.


Our community & our families

Urban Kids Academy is known for its many family events that take place throughout the year. From our Gardening Event in the spring, to our Summer Festival, Lantern Festival and bi-annual Parents’ Evenings and more, education and growth become an experience that involves the WHOLE family and most importantly the WHOLE child.

We are an institution that focuses on structure, routine and educational content, but above all we believe in the most important ingredient for successful learning, which is JOY and PLAY, accompanied with lots and lots of LOVE.

Party Hüte

Edu cation

Develop­ment of early childhood education

At the Urban Kids Academy we take a very conscious approach to the teaching process. Every moment of the day and every second can be a teachable moment. The curriculum and the teaching content are tailored to the needs of the children so that they get all the skills they need. The didactic strategies and methods we use are holistic, practical and – most importantly – playful and full of joy.

Bilder malen

High standards

Every child is unique and has its own rhythm of learning. We consciously set goals and help our children to achieve a high level of independence, intrinsic motivation and great progress in all areas of their development. The focus of academic education at Urban Kids Academy goes beyond language and mathematics skills and extends to the various aspects of human nature that promote children’s well-being and give them a strong foundation no matter where their personal journey takes them.

Erzieherin zeigt Kindern einen Globus.


We love what we do

Our children’s greatest memory of their time in the nursery will be their teachers. For this reason, it is very important to us to create a loving learning community and to provide our educators with enough space to address the social-emotional needs of the children.

We are dedicated to creating a caring learning environment for children, educators and external educational partners. Our great team of educators will build a growing bond with your children and encourage them to reach for the stars. Our dedicated management team excels in customer service because hospitality is very important to us. We welcome your family to stay with us every morning and evening, and will support you in your parenting role should you need assistance.

Englisch Lehrer

Versatile curriculum

Our curriculum goes far beyond the boundaries of the local education system, because all children at Urban Kids Academy have the opportunity to develop on their own path! Extraordinary events and projects such as gardening, hairdressing days, forest & sports weeks, MINT Friday, yoga and exciting field trips to exciting destinations make daycare time at the Urban Kids Academy an unforgettable experience in the first, important years of your children’s lives.

Alphabet 2

From tiny seed grow mighty trees

When our Urban Kids Academy graduates leave us for primary school, we get feedback from the school teachers as well as from their parents that the children are very well developed linguistically and are especially well prepared in English. It is a great pleasure for us to receive such nice feedback from our parents and educational partners again and again. Wherever they go, they make a difference.

We hope to welcome you to our Urban Kids Academy soon!

Gymnastik 3

Welcome to the Urban Kids Academy

Our passion is to create places for children with wholehearted dedication, where your children, you loving parents, and we as employees feel comfortable, learn through play, and have great joy.