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Observation and documen­tation at the Urban Kids Academy

The continuous and systematic observation of individual learning and development processes forms the basis for the pedagogical work in the Urban Kids Academy. On the basis of meaningful observation results, our pedagogical staff and parents gain insights into the learning and development of our children. Furthermore, we ensure the quality of our pedagogical work through professional observation, documentation and evaluation. On the basis of the observation results, we focus on the strengths, competencies and interests of the individual child.


Initial interview - We get to know you and your child.

A few weeks before the child settles into the nursery or kindergarten, a first meeting takes place between the parents and the future primary teacher. The aim of this meeting is to prepare you as parents for the upcoming settling-in phase, but also to obtain information about your child so that the educational staff can adjust to the new child.

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After the settling-in period

At the end of the settling-in period, a final discussion takes place. The parents fill out a feedback questionnaire, the results of which we incorporate into the joint discussion.


Parent surveys

In order to maintain and continuously improve our quality, we conduct parent surveys once a year to ask about general satisfaction and to collect suggestions for improvement.

Erzieherin zeigt Kindern einen Globus.

Our Memory­book

For the memory book, please bring a book with blank pages. We will then fill it with your child's favourite memories. His or her little works of art, favourite rhymes, photos and documentation of special moments will all find a place in the memory book. This beautiful book will most certainly be kept as a treasure in your child's room for many years to come, even into their teenage years.

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Welcome to the Urban Kids Academy

Our passion is to create places for children with wholehearted dedication, where your children, you loving parents, and we as employees feel comfortable, learn through play, and have great joy.