All children in our care should be able and allowed to develop into strong, curious and independent personalities in a safe environment.

Healthy, strong mind and body

Breathe in, relax, concentrate and… do the downward dog! Yoga offers our children benefits beyond stretching; it teaches skills that will last a lifetime. The ability to breathe deeply, control thoughts and emotions and carry a sense of calm within. Yoga enables our children to excel socially, emotionally and academically. Urban Kids Academy children’s yoga classes are fun and relaxed classes that benefit the mind, body and the whole child.

Urban Garden

Not only does gardening allow our children to observe plants, it also teaches them early on that plants only grow and thrive with the right care. Plants only produce a yield if they are watered, the soil is loosened and weeds are pulled. In this way, our children learn to take responsibility and enjoy their work.

Our children who garden are laying an important foundation for their future lives. They are introduced to a healthy lifestyle, take responsibility for nature and reduce their fear of healthy food. Gardening promotes important qualities such as respect for other living beings and nature, environmental awareness and personal responsibility.

Cooking and baking

Cooking and baking is fun. When we cook or bake with our children, the children learn to wait. Because not all children can cook and bake at the same time. Hygiene rules are also important. I wash my hands first. Cooking appeals to all 5 senses and is an incredibly calming and at the same time stimulating activity. When we “cook and bake” at Urban Kids Academy, we also incorporate maths, science and language. The mixing, pouring, smelling and tasting leaves our children with delicious experiences that they will remember for years to come!

Feeling the rhythm

With swing and music through the day: music is omnipresent with us.

Our piano teacher comes once a week and can be booked additionally by parents.

Our music teacher comes once a week and introduces us to the world of instruments, sound experiences and rhythms.

We sing children’s songs daily with our children in the morning circle. Music enriches the minds of the little ones, gets them in time and rhythm and can even increase a child’s IQ.


Preparing our children for the 21st century means preparing them to be happy and successful in a highly challenging and ever-changing world. We worked to expand every child’s educational experience beyond simple worksheets and ABCs. STEM goes beyond the outdated educational practices that mar our education system.  We are hands-on, flexible, mobile and adaptable. This is education at Urban Kids Academy.

It is important for our children to get to the bottom of things and understand their environment. In this way, they recognise connections themselves, become active and link different topics and facts with each other. In this way, they simultaneously test the transfer of learning and learn a fundamental competence for all later learning processes in school, studies, work or everyday life.

The earlier our child learns that every effect has a cause and that complex interrelationships are hidden behind the smallest processes, the sooner it is able to transfer what it has learned to new situations through abstraction or generalisation and to find creative solutions independently. For example, those who were able to observe at home that their own plant raises its leaves after watering, while it withers without water, will later be more likely to understand why climate change, water scarcity and drought lead to food shortages for humanity and why we need to manage our resources sustainably.

Gymnastics - Every learning process begins in one's own body.

The Urban Kids Academy offers child-friendly sports activities to promote the development of each individual child. Our gymnastics room is child-friendly and safely equipped. Well-trained educators and external educational partners introduce our children to the world of movement in a creative and fun way. Through the use of targeted movement games, children learn about their bodies and can develop their motor skills. In the context of play, the focus is of course not only on sport, but especially on promoting social interaction with their playmates.

Musik von Anfang an

In unseren Musikstunden für Kinder lernen die kleinen Musikerinnen und Musiker Rhythmus und Melodien kennen und spielen in jeder Stunde eine Vielzahl von Musikinstrumenten. Unsere abwechslungsreichen und liebevollen Musikstunden sind altersgerecht konzipiert, um die kognitive Entwicklung zu fördern und das Gedächtnis unserer Kinder zu trainieren. Durch gemeinsames Singen erfährt die sprachliche Entwicklung der Kinder – vor allem in den ersten Lebensjahren – eine Stärkung.

Our little explorers

Observing earthworms, collecting screws and testing them, how high building blocks can be stacked – endless things are part of children’s research. With numerous experiments, we encourage our children to learn how things work.

Art - "Mr. Lion wears many colours today"

The art lesson at the Urban Kids Academy is one of the foundations of early childhood education. Through varied art projects using a variety of materials and techniques, the art lesson encourages creative expression in our children. We challenge the budding artists with special and fun methods to make great progress in their development. Through age appropriate craft projects, paintings and other creative masterpieces, the children develop a sense of pride in being able to express themselves.

Our stage children / ballet and theatre classes

The ballet and theatre classes offer our children a fun and positive way to experience the joy of self-expression and movement. The aim of Urban Kids Academy is for our children to develop good spatial awareness and get a sense of movement and rhythm through music. Your child will experience a lot of joy in movement and a variety of dance and theatre styles in a playful environment. We encourage the children’s enjoyment of movement and through varied activities that stimulate their imagination, rhythm and expression.

Welcome to the Urban Kids Academy

Unsere Leidenschaft ist es voller Herzblut Orte für Kinder zu schaffen, an denen sich Ihre Kinder, Sie liebe Eltern und wir uns als Mitarbeiter — wohl fühlen, spielerisch lernen und dabei große Freude haben.