Bilingual education

Language – the immersion method

We are a private, bilingual day care centre and your child will learn English as a second language. But don’t worry, dear parents. We do not force your child into monotonous English lessons. We follow the idea of the immersion method. We have English-speaking and German-speaking educators. We only ever communicate with the children in the respective language. This means that the English-speaking teacher only speaks English with the children. She supports her language with facial expressions, gestures and pointing. There is no translation. Thus, your child learns the language on its own. In this way, your child learns English through play and fun and practically grows up bilingual. It absorbs the English language like its mother tongue. Without any pressure or coercion.

Child psychologists agree that you promote your child’s bilingualism by introducing him or her to foreign languages as early as possible.

Welcome to the Urban Kids Academy

Unsere Leidenschaft ist es voller Herzblut Orte für Kinder zu schaffen, an denen sich Ihre Kinder, Sie liebe Eltern und wir uns als Mitarbeiter — wohl fühlen, spielerisch lernen und dabei große Freude haben.