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All children in our care should be able and allowed to develop into strong, curious and independent personalities in a safe environment.

Crossfit Kids

Children aged 3 to 6 are introduced to CrossFit through functional training in a child-friendly way. The focus is not on workouts with heavy weights, but on movements that are also common in everyday life: Running, jumping, carrying, pulling, lifting. With CrossFit Kids, we get our UKA children moving in a playful way. The training not only strengthens the cardiovascular system, but also the children’s body awareness. And that is extremely important, because fewer and fewer children today are experiencing movement that we and their parents used to take for granted: Climbing trees, jumping over streams, racing other children.



In cooperation with Irina Schlaht from the Ballet School Schmetterling, we offer ballet classes for your children in our UKA and scheduled into our daily routine. In the age range from about 3 1/2 years, children can concentrate well, are receptive and ready for their first playful dance and ballet experience. Besides the fun of music & dance, the benefits of the classes are most apparent in the balance area, a good body awareness, an upright posture, promotion of musicality and flexibility.



Every 5 – 6 weeks our hairdresser Jana comes to Urban Kids Academy and cuts our little ones’ hair by appointment. Most of the children go to their hairdresser’s appointment independently, express their wishes and ideas and leave the “salon” joyfully and chicly styled after paying. But please don’t worry, of course you will give your parental wishes for the hairstyle in an envelope as well.



Once a week our piano teacher comes to our nursery and gives our children piano lessons by prior arrangement. The first piano lessons are a series of short exercises to combine the feeling for the instrument as well as perception and coordination with note recognition and memory. The lessons are presented in a playful and engaging way and first small learning successes are guaranteed. The individually tailored one-to-one lessons are perfect for introducing your child to piano playing in our UKA and at the same time bring a lot of fun and satisfaction.

There is no particular starting age that is right for all children. First of all, it is important that your child shows a desire and interest in playing the piano and is willing to sit and concentrate for a short time, e.g. 15 minutes.

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Our passion is to create places for children with wholehearted dedication, where your children, you loving parents, and we as employees feel comfortable, learn through play, and have great joy.