Preparing our children for the 21st century means preparing them to be happy and successful in a highly challenging and ever-changing world. We worked to expand every child’s educational experience beyond simple worksheets and ABCs. STEM goes beyond the outdated educational practices that mar our education system.  We are hands-on, flexible, mobile and adaptable. This is education at Urban Kids Academy.

It is important for our children to get to the bottom of things and understand their environment. In this way, they recognise connections themselves, become active and link different topics and facts with each other. In this way, they simultaneously test the transfer of learning and learn a fundamental competence for all later learning processes in school, studies, work or everyday life.

The earlier our child learns that every effect has a cause and that complex interrelationships are hidden behind the smallest processes, the sooner it is able to transfer what it has learned to new situations through abstraction or generalisation and to find creative solutions independently. For example, those who were able to observe at home that their own plant raises its leaves after watering, while it withers without water, will later be more likely to understand why climate change, water scarcity and drought lead to food shortages for humanity and why we need to manage our resources sustainably.


Mathematics at Urban Kids Academy is hands-on learning through play. Maths is more than just counting or drawing numbers on a worksheet. We encourage our children to think about maths in their daily lives and not just think of it as an isolated subject. Mathematical thinking includes patterns, sorting, shapes, puzzles, addition, subtraction and much more, which are taught in a simple, playful way so that our child can grasp these, usually abstract, thoughts.


Engineering offers our children the opportunity to critically solve new challenges. From building bridges to developing snap circuits to sticky slime, connecting content and solving problems are at the heart of a young child’s search for solutions.


The Urban Kids Academy is all about encouraging wonder and curiosity and developing your own ideas and theories. Encouraging a child’s natural curiosity is the beauty of early childhood experiences.


Technology is a big word for new learning materials at Urban Kids Academy! We push the limits of our children by giving them the opportunity to explore, discover and understand with big gadgets like telescopes, microscopes, computers, video cameras and other must-have equipment. Of course, nothing beats our interactive SMART Board, which we introduce our children to through play

We promote STEM skills for more self-confidence

When the foundation for scientific understanding is laid earlier, it’s better because our child benefits greatly from STEM encouragement later in life:

Welcome to the Urban Kids Academy

Unsere Leidenschaft ist es voller Herzblut Orte für Kinder zu schaffen, an denen sich Ihre Kinder, Sie liebe Eltern und wir uns als Mitarbeiter — wohl fühlen, spielerisch lernen und dabei große Freude haben.